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Incredible News! The Midcoast Tree Festival presents the Midcoast Tree Auction!  

Due to Covid-19, the Midcoast Tree Festival Committee had to postpone the 2nd Annual Midcoast Tree Festival.  However, from that postponement, a new idea was born- the Midcoast Tree Auction!  The auction will be 100% online and will happen from December 4- December 12.  The official press release is below, but here are several highlights you should know about:

- There will be three types of auction items (called lots), so three types of Auction Lots: Deluxe Tree Lots, Classic Tree Lots, and Wreaths.  Deluxe Tree Lots are large bundles of items, Classic Tree Lots are smaller bundles of items and Wreaths are wreaths.

- Each Deluxe and Classic Tree Lot must contain a tree or a depiction of a tree to match the Midcoast Tree Festival theme 

- Most Auction Lots will begin around 40% of the total value of the lot, but there will be items to fit all budgets 

- Highest bidder wins the auction lot

- There is a Secret Santa program where if the highest bidder does not want the entire auction lot, the MTF Committee will help coordinate the donation of gifts, gift cards, and trees to any local individual or local organization.

- The Midcoast Tree Auction is presented by the Midcoast Tree Festival and is run by All Saints Parish (St. John’s School), Spectrum Generations’ Meals on Wheels program, and the Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber.  The proceeds for this auction will be split evenly between these three organizations (though non-profits who donate wreaths will also gain some income- more on that below)

This concept for this event happened on November 12- there have been updates to this event every 24 hours since.  Please be patient as we are building this while we promote it.  

To keep up-to-date with changes please continue to check this site.  
Since this event is being presented by the Midcoast Tree Festival, you will find regular shareable posts on the Midcoast Tree Festival Facebook page from now until the end of the event.  

If your business, or you as an individual, are looking to become a donor of Deluxe or Classic Auction Items at any level, please e-mail SMMC Executive Director Cory King 

If your organization, or you as an individual, are looking to become a donor of a wreath please, e-mail SMMC Executive Director Cory King

For Deluxe of Classic Tree Lot Donor Detailsclick here.

For Wreath Donor Detailsclick here.

You can also register by filling out the donation form at the bottom of this page which will send to Cory once you submit it.  

Here is the Official Press Release with the Item Donation Form below it:

Midcoast Tree Festival Becomes Midcoast Tree Auction in 2020!
The online Midcoast Tree Auction to Run December 4 through December 12

Brunswick, ME – The Midcoast Tree Festival committee is proud to announce a brand new event in 2020, the Midcoast Tree Auction happening online from December 4-12.  The event will feature some of the tree spaces originally registered to be part of the Midcoast Tree Festival event that has been postponed until 2021.  The event will feature other items too with 30-70 auction lots expected, according to organizers.

Auction items will consist of three categories of auction lots: deluxe tree items, classic tree items, and wreaths.  The deluxe items are large bundles of items or large-ticket item bundles.  The classic items are smaller bundles of items, and wreaths are exactly that.  The wreaths are donated by local non-profit organizations and proceeds from those specific wreaths will be split with the donating organization.  Proceeds from the deluxe and classic items will go to the Midcoast Tree Festival committee who has created the auction.  Each deluxe and classic auction lot will feature a tree or a depiction of a tree, including mini-trees and ornamental trees, to fit with the theme of it being a tree auction.    

On November 12, the committee announced the postponement of the Midcoast Tree Festival, due to it being an in-person event originally scheduled for the weekend before and after Thanksgiving.  The inaugural event in 2019 was a joint fundraiser for All Saints Parish (St. John’s School), Spectrum Generations’ Meals on Wheels program, and the Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber.  The groups raised over $24,000 in the first year.  The same three organizations are creating the Midcoast Tree Auction.

“It was wild how quickly it all came together,” said Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber Executive Director, Cory King.  “We had just announced the postponement and were in a festival committee meeting discussing re-schedule dates when one committee member came up with the online auction idea.  Over the next 24 hours, we reached out to our tree festival businesses asking if they’d be happy to donate their items to this new event. Those that hadn’t already donated their items to other causes said yes,” King said.

Organizers expect anywhere from 7-20 deluxe items, and could not estimate how many classic items and wreaths they would have.  “It’s all moving very quickly as with every 24 hours we get more commitments and more ideas,” King stated. “We don’t know how many items it will be in all but several dozen seems like a good guess at this point.”    

The Midcoast Tree Auction will have auction lots to fit all budgets, according to messages sent to businesses.  King stated that most auction lots will have an opening bid of approximately 40% of the total value of the lot. 

Another key aspect of the auction is the Secret Santa program.  “With changing the tree festival which sold raffle tickets for 50 cents each, to the highest bidder format with the auction, we understand the winning bids may come from people who may not need all of the items in their lot,” King explained.  “By all means, any winner of an auction lot may keep all items in their lot, naturally, but if they want to donate some of the items to a local organization, a school, or specific individuals in the community, we will coordinate delivery of those donated items,” King concluded.  A suggested list of organizations that gifts, gift cards, and presents would be donated to will be created and posted. 

The online auction will close on Saturday, December 12 and the highest bidders who win auction lots will be notified.  The Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber will coordinate with the winning bidders beginning Monday, December 14 how to receive their items and to determine if any bidders would like to utilize the Secret Santa program. 

The auction link, through the online platform Auctria, will be released as the event gets closer. Businesses or individuals interested in donating items to the raffle should contact Cory King at the Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber, 725-8797, or [email protected] A donation form is also available on the SMMC website at You can find a link on the homepage or click on the Midcoast Tree Festival button in the top left corner.   As the Midcoast Tree Auction is an event presented by the Midcoast Tree Festival, the MTF Facebook page will have social media updates on this event regularly now through the end of the auction at

For those interested in donating, the committee has one more piece of advice.  “Get creative with your ideas, and think about the items you would want to bid on,” King inspired.  “Gift cards make a great date night and support local businesses, but don’t forget about other experiences too. A unique experience can be a forever memory- learning how to cook a dish, a virtual wine tasting, tickets to a 2021 event, a guided excursion- all of these things have great value,” King stated.  Donors are encouraged to provide gifts from their own business or feel free to highlight some of the businesses they love by buying gift cards and gifts from them and donating those to the auction.  All donors will be recognized, or have the option to remain anonymous. 

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About the Midcoast Tree Festival:
The Midcoast Tree Festival (MTF) is a joint fundraising event of All Saints Parish, Spectrum Generations and the Southern Midcoast Maine Chamber held at the St. John’s Community Center, 43 Pleasant Street in Brunswick, traditionally on the weekends before and after Thanksgiving.  Businesses sign up for tree spaces and put a minimum of $500.00 of value in the tree space (including the tree and the decorations).  Trees are raffled off at 50 cents per ticket over the two weekends.  The MTF also includes crafts, food, 50/50 raffles, entertainment, a visit from Santa, and more. 

About the Midcoast Tree Auction
The Midcoast Tree Auction is an event of the Midcoast Tree Festival and is in its inaugural year in 2020.  It is replacing the tree festival for this year and will be happening online from December 4- December 12, 2020. 

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